The Celebration of Chicago Storefront Theatre Continues

Give My Regards to Nowhere book coverNot all of us are attending and performing live theatre like we used to. The good news is that the second Dwayne Finnegan novel will soon take us back to the storefront theatre scene. Readers and critics have been loving the first book, Give My Regards to Nowhere, for the hilarious and heart-felt journey into theatre life. To get ready for the second, Romeo and Juliet Keep Their Eyes on the Prize, you can get Give My Regards free from February 26th through February 29th. Click here.

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About Romeo and Juliet Keep Their Eyes on the Prize (on sale March 22nd)

Chicago director Dwayne Finnegan has another crack at the big time—if only his production of Romeo and Juliet can shine. However, Dwayne shares rehearsal space with a cult that takes trips on LSD-like ayahuasca and believes Dwayne’s production is evil. The cult sabotages him. His actors rebel. His publicist gets entangled with a loan shark. Bones are broken, the production drops into chaos, Dwayne’s marriage hangs by a thread, but despite it all, the show must go on.