Richard Engling
Richard Engling
Marketing Copywriter

A specialist in business-to-business and consumer marketing and PR.
Business Profile and Work Samples

Richard Engling has worked as a freelance copywriter of marketing communications since 1984. His assignments have ranged from ads and brochures to campaign concepts, corporate communications, direct mail, press releases, sales aids and presentations, speeches, demonstration videos, articles, technical backgrounders, email campaigns, web sites, and special advertising supplements.

Richard's primary expertise is in trade and business publishing, industrial technology, and food and beverage processing. He has additional experience in the educational, entertainment and consumer markets. His flexibility as a writer is demonstrated by the broad range of projects he has written and by the fact that he is a published novelist and playwright.

Web Site Development: Richard provides web site content, navigation, and integration with your overall marketing plan. He can work with your web graphics experts or team up with one of his collaborators to provide a complete web service.

Industrial Technology Products and Services: Richard quickly understands the design, operation and user benefits of equipment, software and technology services. He translates the language of engineers into copy that can be appreciated by prospective customers—whether the target audience is technical or non-technical in background.

His clients have included manufacturers of plastics and injection molding equipment, electronics, factory automation hardware and software, scientific instruments, business and office machinery, and others.

Trade and Business Publishing: Richard has been involved in new magazine launches, on-going promotions, positioning changes for established publications, and the creation, marketing and editing of special advertising supplements.

Food and Beverage Equipment and Services: Richard writes for manufacturers of food processing and packaging equipment as well as for trade magazines serving the food and beverage processing industry. Clients who sell to the global market value his ability to write clear and exciting copy that translates well to other languages. (Richard has a good knowledge of Spanish and a smattering of French).

Richard is often included in clients' business strategy reviews and is a regular member of the development and presentation teams for the advertising agencies that hire him. He frequently provides project management services.

Selected Client List: ABA Journal, AlliedSignal Plastics, Allstar Fasteners, Inc., American Journal of Ophthalmology, Bakery, Blitz Corporation, Bosch Packaging Technology, Burford Corporation, Business Week, Cambridge Instruments, Chemical Processing, Cherry Corporation, Closetech International, Continental Can Corporation, Continental Container Systems, Control Engineering, Dairy Foods, Electro-Motive, Electronic Distribution Show Corporation, Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Food Product Design, Fortune, Gorman Publishing Co., Grayhill, Inc., Honeywell Plastics, Impaxx, Inc., Interior Landscape, IEEE Media, InterPost Systems International, ITW Hi-Cone, ITW Linx, Jumbocel Systems, Inc., Kroehler Furniture, Ligature, Inc., Maintenance Technology, Managing Automation, Martin Engineering, Mattson Instruments, Mercy Medical Center, Milmour Products, Inc., National Electronics Distributors Assoc., Nordenia International AG, Packaging, Packaging Systems, PennWell Publishing Co., Perimeter Exhibits, Plant Engineering, PMMI, Portola Packaging, Postalia, Inc., Power Engineering, Power Trends, Inc., Prepared Foods, Processing, Psychological Resources, Putman Publishing Co., Qualitron Systems, Inc., Research & Development, Jack Richeson & Co., Rreef Corporation, RWT Corporation, Schmalbach-Lubeca, Serac, Solid State Technology, Synchro-Start Products, Inc., Thomas Publishing, Today's Chemist At Work, Tripos, Inc., US Can, VIA Development Corporation, Videojet Systems International, Wallace Computer Services, Walter Kidde, Watt Publishing, White Cap, Inc., Zenith Controls, Inc.

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The team at USA Strategies, Inc. was given the charge to promote a product often seen as a commodity for client ITW Linx. As the senior creative on the project, Richard conceived of a humorous video to generate a new level of differentiation. He wrote the script and assisted at the shoot with the video team from Image Base. He also wrote the second video below, treating the same product in a serious manner.

Other Work Samples:
· Danafilms (Web site content for a manufacturer of plastic films)
· Zork Ad (Wine cork replacement product)
· Meat Processing Magazine (2006 Media Guide)
· Portola Packaging (web site content)
· Shades of Success (ARTIST'S MAGAZINE article on handmade pastels)
· The Romance of Handmade Pastels (ART MATERIALS TODAY article for retailers)
· Polarity Ensemble Theatre (web site content, design and coding)
· Biomist Power Sanitizing System (sell sheet)
· Zip It. Strip It. (beverage industry flier)
· Custom Front Panel Design (electronics industry brochure)
· Achieve Closure (beverage industry ad)
· (web site promotion)
· VIA Panel Builder (software industry flier)
· Ahead of Our Time (specialty manufacturing brochure)
· Why Work So Hard? (software industry ad)
· Capron Resin Properties (plastics industry technical brochure)
· It's a Brand New World (web site promotion)
· Energy Crisis (special advertising supplement brochure)

Other Successes

Richard Engling's first novel, Body Mortgage, was published by Penguin Putnam in the U.S. and by Headline House in England. Polarity Ensemble Theatre Books published his Antigone and Macbeth: Adaptations for a War-Torn Time. The Chicago Actors Ensemble produced his play, Ghost Watch. His short fiction has appeared in a variety of publications. He holds a Masters in Creative Writing from Indiana University, a Bachelors in Theatre from Northern Illinois University, and is the artistic director of Polarity Ensemble Theatre where three of his scripts have been produced to date.

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