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Rights available for unpublished book-length fiction by Richard Engling

Agents, editors and producers are invited to review the following works:

The American Book of the Dead

What happens when you die? Does life continue after death? These are the most pressing questions of all for Matthew Harken, a well-known screenwriter diagnosed with terminal cancer. In The American Book of the Dead, Matthew retreats from his everyday life to seek a glimpse behind the curtain that separates the living from the dead. With the aid of a Native American shaman and a beautiful woman he had loved and lost, Matthew reclaims his life and helps to put to rest the ghost of a friend who committed suicide. The American Book of the Dead is a sometimes funny, sometimes haunting work of contemporary American magic realism. The first four chapters.

The Magician-King

Robert Miller is a young diplomat who thwarts an assassination planned by the U.S. Ambassador to Honduras. Robert discovers that the homicide he stopped is part of a chain of revenge that goes back centuries. With the help and training of an ancient Spanish monk, a young Berliner witch and a school for out-of-body travel, Robert transforms himself into a spiritual adept to defeat the Ambassador and his cohorts. Set near the end of the Cold War in 1989, The Magician-King is a novel about mysticism, reincarnation and evil. It blends the substance of a novel of ideas with the suspense of an international spy thriller. The first four chapters.

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My first novel, Body Mortgage, was published by Penguin Putnam in the U.S. and by Headline House in England. The Chicago Actors Ensemble produced my play, Ghost Watch. My short fiction has appeared in a variety of publications. I have been a professional marketing writer for nearly twenty years. I hold a Masters in Creative Writing from Indiana University and have been privileged to participate in workshops by Alice Walker, Grace Paley, and Ursula LeGuin.

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