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Minnesota Men's Conference Tee Shirt

If you missed your chance to get a Minnesota Men's Conference tee shirt at the latest conference, DON'T DESPAIR! We have a bunch of them left available for purchase online. The shirts are sturdy, 100% cotton, available in Large ($20), Extra Large ($20) and 2X Large ($25) while supplies last.

The shirt was designed by Richard Engling. His new novel that was available in the MMC bookstore can be purchased below, as well. (Get a discount when you buy both!)

Shirt Sizes
MMC Tee Shirt

Visions of Anna
a novel by Richard Engling
"Matthew Harken's urgent questions about his friend Anna's suicide and his own critical illness compel him to risk a perilous, spiritual quest. His heartrending, heart-opening journey through the interwoven worlds of memory, dream, and shamanic magic lead him not only to visions of Anna but to visions of grace. This passionate, poignant novel stands alone strongly and invites us deeper into the mystery of The Afterlife Trilogy."
-Elizabeth Cunningham, author of The Maeve Chronicles.

Purchase VISIONS OF ANNA by Richard Engling. $14.95

Purchase VISIONS OF ANNA with a MMC Tee Shirt. $5 discount when you buy both!
Shirt Sizes

Visions of Anna

She Plays in Darkness
by Fern Chertkow
a novel in The Afterlife Trilogy
The fictional character of Anna in Richard's VISIONS OF ANNA was inspired by the late novelist Fern Chertkow. Fern's novel was published along with Richard's this past season as part of the Afterlife Trilogy.

"She Plays in Darkness is an exquisitely beautiful and haunting novel filled with such fully developed characters that readers will not soon forget them. This is a book to cherish, to re-read, the kind of novel that avoids sentimentality so fiercely that readers will give copies to their friends and tell them, 'Read this, this is a how a woman's life truly is.'"
-Tony Ardizzone, author of The Whale Chaser

Purchase SHE PLAYS IN DARKNESS by Fern Chertkow. $14.95.

She Plays in Darkness

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